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Si eres desarrollador y estas interesado en conocer las medidas anti-piratería de Marketplace te interesa esta noticia.
A través de un comunicado el Windows Phone Marketplace Team manifiesta que sigue políticas anti-piratería que intentan asegurar la integridad del trabajo de los desarrolladores que publican aplicaciones en marketplace. Pero también recomienda que los desarrolladores tomen ciertas medidas adecuadas para proteger sus desarrollos mediante ofuscadores de código como el que proporciona la herramienta Dotfuscator. Consideramos adecuado que desde ambas partes se tomen las medidas adecuadas para que los desarrolladores puedan saber que su trabajo está protegido y que puedan saber que WP7 es una herramienta en la que merece la pena desarrollar porque asegura la protección de la propiedad intelectual.
Puedes ver el comunicado original de Windows Phone Marketplace Team y su modelo de protección antipiratería después del salto.

"November 15, 2010

Windows Phone 7 devices are now available in countries around the world, and more and more customers are visiting Windows Phone Marketplace every day. Apps are selling, developers are finishing up projects and the Marketplace is off to a great start with more than 2,000 apps and games available. As we all enjoy this early success, some developers have expressed an interest in learning about how their apps and games are protected. As a Windows Phone developer you can be assured that Windows Phone Marketplace is operating as designed in providing a level of protection that is in-line with industry practices and sufficient for our own valued content. You can learn about our protection model in the Windows Phone Marketplace Anti-Piracy Model white paper, which outlines our perspective on leak prevention and leak containment.

It is important to note that because of the leak containment steps Microsoft takes applications obtained outside of Marketplace will not run on consumer retail devices. Modified files would only run on a limited number of “unlocked” phones, such as those that have been registered by Marketplace developers on App Hub. It’s also worth noting that in extreme cases, the Windows Phone Marketplace is capable of un-publishing any application, disabling individual applications already installed, or disabling a developer’s account and their use of a developer unlocked phone.

One powerful tool for protecting your apps and games is code obfuscation, which is a long standing best practice for managed code. Obfuscation is available tools like the Dotfuscator product recently announced for Windows Phone 7 applications. Microsoft has partnered with PreEmptive Solutions to make this tool, as well as a robust application analytics solution, available to Windows Phone developers for free through March 31st, 2011. As always we will continue working to respond to evolving threats, strengthen security and anti-piracy measures, and provide developers with more options to secure their code. For the latest Microsoft guidance on this or other Marketplace topics you can also visit the Marketplace Developer Forums.

The Windows Phone Marketplace Team

Windows Phone Marketplace Anti-Piracy Model[1]

Si quieres desarrollar Apps para WP7 recuerda visitar el Centro de Desarrollo de MSDN para WP7 en español

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